About Us

Xpressions Store.
Xpressionsstore.com is the initiative of Xpressions stores pvt  ltd. which is headquartered in Mardan KP Pakistan. The prime objective of launching xpressionsstore.com is to attract the Pakistani Customers towards online shopping as well as to introduce the trends of Pakistani fashion and Pakistani fabrics to all over the world.
Apart from designer wear, Xpressionsstore.com also offers a variety of items like gents shoes, ladies shoes, kids wear, kids shoes, gents garments, ladies undergarments, toys n new born accessories. Cosmetics and Beauty items, Handbags and Clutches, T Shirts various sweaters of different brands etc.
We also offer specially designed t-shirts which are made to draw the attention and satisfy the needs of our young generation. Xpressionsstore.com is the desired platform for most of the leading fashion designers and fashion fabrics manufacturers to present and sell their products online to the local and international customers. Nevertheless, the real gain of us is to convert the large segment of local offline shoppers into online shoppers.
Xpressionsstore.com is the evolution of shopping which transforms the way millions of people in Pakistan and abroad shop every day. We take the lead in shaping the trend of shopping in Pakistan.
Our Vision
We want to provide a multidimensional interactive shopping portal which fulfills all the needs of our affiliates and customers by focusing on service excellence, personal integrity and technical innovation.
Our Mission
Xpressionsstore.com is committed to continuing its efforts to remain a leader in its sector and is distinguished by its management practices. We will use our knowledge, our skills and synergy with our values based on respect, teamwork, courtesy, competence, efficiency, transparency and flexibility.
Our Values

  • Provide best possible service to our customers;
  • We are known for our integrity, characterized by our transparency and responsible for our actions;
  • Innovative and Creative;
  • Open to new ideas and outside the box thinking;
  • Demonstrate a spirit of cooperation and openness